Brandy Bell and Mitch Wilson are lovers of art, photography, and music. They live and work in San Diego, California when they are not traveling the world with cameras in hand. Strangers In A Fire photography began when Brandy was gifted an old slide projector and some slides of photographs her father had taken in the Seventies. They discovered that they loved the look of images projected onto bodies. Now they use both the slide projector (with found/ donated slides) and a digital projector (coupled with patterns of their own design) projected onto men, women, couples, local musicians and bands to create thrilling new ways of looking at the human form.

Their photography has been featured in San Diego City Beat, Owl and Bear, and other publications. They have also been exhibited in local galleries. 

Brandy was born in L.A. and has lived up and down the west coast. She loves to paint and travel.

Mitch was born and raised in San Diego. He has toured the U.S. and abroad playing guitar and synth and singing in bands- most notably with his former band, No Knife and his current band, Lunar Maps.